Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Abbi Chooses Auburn University

My sweet girl, Abbi, will
be graduating in May.

Deciding where to go to
college was not hard for her but
getting there was
quite an adventure!

The Worlunds have history
at AU.
Dave's parents met there,
fell in love,
were married,
and the rest is history.

Several of Dave's 
nieces and nephews
have graduated,
are graduating,
or are attending
Auburn University.

Abbi LOVES Auburn football.
This was an easy 
choice for her.
She was, however,
convinced her ACT score
was not good enough
to get admitted to AU.

So Abbi found another way -
a program at AU Montgomery
that allows you to go directly
to AU after one year
(providing your grades are good).

So we began that process in 
December and
she was admitted 
(even awarded scholarship)
to AU Montgomery.
The hitch was 
(of which we 
were not aware until January)
you must apply directly 
to Auburn University to
be considered for the
seamless program.

Long story short, 
Abbi applied, 
thinking she would be
admitted to the
"seamless" program
but God showed 
her favor and
she was accepted
to Auburn University!
(A good GPA & ACT score does
come in handy!)

Abbi said,
"God made it so I
would have to apply
to Auburn."
She is beyond excited
and reveling 
in God's grace -
unmerited favor - 
to her.

Her good friend, 
even decided
to go there, too,
and they will
be roomies!


We visited the campus
last week. 
Here are some
of my girl
and the campus.

Delight yourself
in the Lord,
and He will
give you
the desires of
your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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