Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Newest Addition

This is the newest addition to
our family...
our extended family, 
that is.

She was born
June 15, 2012
at 10:21 am.
She weighed
7 pounds
and measured 
18 inches long.

It has been quite some time
since we have had a
little one 
at our house.

Sweet Little Feet
Sweet Little Fingers

              This sweet girl has a big brother
                  you may have seen earlier
                           in my blog.
                     T was very excited
                   to see his little sister, E,
                   and we were and are
             very happy she arrived safely.

        E is the eighth little
        girl in our family
        and the fourteenth
        We now have a
        great grandchild
        and another one
        on the way.
        Our family is
        by leaps
        and bounds.

 I know it
will be awhile
(I pray it will be)
until mine
and Dave's family
grows more.

will be
but not hurried.

We are excited for all God has in store 
for each of four children.
We pray it includes 
four sweet mates,
and four happy homes.

Someday maybe I will be 
posting pictures
of our own grandchildren here

...but not too soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our New Friend

This is one of our newest friends.

She is a beautiful baby.

She has Gerber baby qualities.

Her mom has had several beautiful babies 
who now are older and
still beautiful little girls.
Like this one...

..who wasn't much for the
picture taking.

Her baby sister, 
 was another 

Thanks to Jessica
her sister, 
her mom.

Such beautiful girls!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

They Grow Up 

Too Quickly

This is my baby girl...

She has grown up 
very quickly.

Thirteen years ago
at this time,
I was awaiting
her arrival.

I did not know
she would weigh
11 pounds
be the last one...
her weight did
solidify the
that there would 
be no more.

She is modeling here for my 
sister-in-law's store,
Epiphany Boutique.
It is a new store
on University
here in Huntsville.
It is housed
in the
Off Campus Bookstore.

Seeing these photos
helped me realize
that she is not
a little girl

Her big sister
did an amazing job
photographing her.

Great job, 

Sweet Sydney

This is my cousin's little girl
Sydney Paige.
She is adorable!!

I don't get to see her very often
but when I do,
I try to always
have camera in hand!

Her Uncle Jake loves her!

So does her Aunt Cayla!

She is well loved
 but also teased...
it is the
Harper way.
My PawPaw Burnum
was a great teaser...
some of my
greatest memories
of him
silly sayings,
teasing words;
and his lovingly kidding us.

My Aunt Beth
is only two years
older than I am
so I grew up
with her teasing, too.

When I was young
(actuallly last week, too)
she loved to
aggravate those
around her 
by teasing.

she came by it
from being a

Sydney has learned young
what it means to be loved well
and teased.

She is only one-fourth
but she will
reap the 
for the rest of her life.

Most likely,
she will become
a teaser,

Daily Improvement

At the risk of being overly
not sure what the term would be...
loving, sappy, zealous...
here are some more
photos of my MawMaw.

Abbi and MawMaw,

Zoe, MawMaw and me,

MawMaw and my Aunt Beth,

my Aunt Beth's Crew with MawMaw
(Cayla and Jake, 
Elizabeth, Sydney, and William)

Sydney and MawMaw.

MawMaw is improving well...
our goal is
for her to be able to stand.
This would help out 
so much when she goes
to my parents' house.

She is a treasure, for sure!!

Its Summer!

This is my family.
 One time a year I require a photo...
it is Easter Sunday
after church in Grandma's backyard.

Many of you who may have seen my blog realize one of my many shortcomings, 
 I am not consistent. 
One of the reasons is because I homeschool the three remaining children I have in school 
(Zeb is going into his sophomore year at UAH). 
During the school year I am running children here and yon -
 thirty minutes one way to our homeschool covering where the girls take classes. 
I am helping with math problems, english, history, science, and reading questions.
 I have little time to do this and all the housework, laundry, cooking, etc. needed to run a household 
much less post on my blog. 
I enjoy posting pictures, funnies,
 and sharing my life with you, dear readers!
It is now summer 
so you can expect more posts
...not everyday but more than once a year! 
Happy Summer to you all 
and happy reading!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Precious MawMaw

So this is a picture of
 my MawMaw Maune.
I always called her MawMaw Nee
when I was little because
I couldn't say all three maws.
Her proper name is
Maune Vergie Mae
Winkles Harper.

Isn't she beautiful?
She has lived on this earth 88 years.

She got married to my pawpaw
in 1936
when she was 12 years old.
He was 17.
They were married 62 years when he died.
She has raised six great kids who 
each have families of their own
and have given her 15 grandchildren,
24 great grandchildren,
and 10 great, great grandchildren.

MawMaw has been
a Christ follower,
devoted wife and mother,
field worker (helping my pawpaw),
and has had a full life.
She loves her family
very much and finds much
joy, even now, in her 
grandchildren and
great grandchildren
(especially the little ones.)

She lies now most days in a bed
but is getting more able to sit up,
communicate with us, 
and feed herself with a little help.
She may never be fully back 
to where she was before the 
We are praying and trusting
that she will regain the use of 
her right side and her ability
to communicate without
trouble but
we know 
God is in control 
and she may not be whole again
this side of glory.

What  a day her homegoing will be for her!
She has told me
how she will 
not miss this world.
She says maybe she
will miss some of us,
her family, but 
other than that,
she will be glad!
We will miss her greatly 
but I know 
she will have such joy!
She will be with her Savior,
her husband,
her parents,
many of her siblings,
and others
she misses 
who have gone
on before her.

I know that I am 
who I am
because of my
precious MawMaw
(and my other grandparents).
They all influenced me
in many ways,
some ways I don't even realize.
I pray I have a 
grandchild who 
recounts my life
and realizes 
they are who
they are 
of me.
it will be a sweet
just as mine is 
about my
Maw Maw Nee.

MawMaw's Flowers

Many of you have been praying 
for my MawMaw Maune.
She had a stroke Tuesday evening,
May 1.
MawMaw loves flowers and when
I visited her for her birthday,
I captured her beautiful roses for her.

It was a chilly day and she was not able to go outside

so I brought them in to her.

My paternal grandmother, MawMaw Lucille also 
loved flowers but sadly, I only have a few
photos of her flowers and they are not digital.
I always think of both of my sweet MawMaws when I 
see a flower bed, well-maintained and blooming!

                      A Day at 

            MawMaw's House

                          I was visiting with my grandmother for her birthday
                           and I was able to capture photos of my cousin's 
                           little boy.

                                                  At first, he was shy...             

                                         ...but then he warmed up to me.

                                  I talked to him about his pawpaw's tractor,

                                            his cousin, who he adores and
                                                who adores him, and

                                                very soon he was a posing pro!


Next time he will be prepared when he sees me with my camera!
Thanks, Eli, for indulging your cousin's camera bug!

Last spring while taking photos of my senior son at the train depot we happened upon my father and brother-in-law and my nephew. He is definitely "all boy" and the photo above is three generations of  "boys being boys" at Huntsville, Alabama's Chase Train Depot.