Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Good Day

Believing that God 
has brought us
David Lee Worlund
Mona Renae Strange
along with our parents
invite you to 
worship with us
as we become one
in Christ
Saturday afternoon,
the twenty-first of July
nineteen hundred ninety

Fairfield Highlands Baptist Church
910 9th Avenue
Midfield, Alabama.

Reception following
in the fellowship hall.

And so it was
that Dave and I 
were married...
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness, and in health,
until death parts us.
And thereto,
we pledged our troth's
to each other.

That was a good day,
an exhausting one, 
but a good day.
A day that
I married a man
I thought I knew
but who I had
dated only
one month
before committing 
my life 
to him.

Dave and I met through
a mutual friend
three year before
our first date 
which was January 8, 1990.
Dave was headed for
the Niger Republic
and I was waiting to begin
training with Wycliffe Bible Translators
to be a linguist.
I was headed to
Africa, as well,
by way of
Texas for 2-3 years.

So it was we talked about
marriage on our first date
(a great adventure in itself...
for a later blog).
We were 27 years old
and headed to do 
different ministries
but really felt
strong affection for one another.

Dave's friend suggested that 
we see a marriage counselor.
We went to our session
and the pastor said
he wouldn't be surprised
if we called him 
two weeks later to 
say we were engaged.

We did.
February 11, 1990
Dave asked
and I accepted...
after awhile.
(Again, a great story
but for a later blog).

My mom made and remade my dress. 
we bought everything
and my bridesmaids helped with 
the reception in the 
church's fellowship hall.

                                                  One of my favorite photos from that day...
                                                    made with natural light which 
                                                 I mostly use today in my photography.

We waited until July 21, 1990
to be married because

Dave's best friend, David Jamieson,
was in Morocco as a Journeyman.
Dave wanted him to be
a part of our day.

We wanted to elope
in April (after tax season)
but Dave's parents knew
his sisters would be hurt.
So a small family wedding
turned into a larger
church wedding.
Almost six hundred
friends and family
(we both have big families)
were there to witness
our vows,
some great music,
an awesome ceremony
by my pastor, 
Brother Buck Duke,
and see us
united as man and wife.

It was a good day
While we have had
many bad and good days 
in our 22 years,
it was truly
one of the best.

It was a good day.
I married the man
who would be
my best friend
and the love of my life.

The Big Brother

This is
He is the 
big brother
of E
(from the previous blog).

He was my favorite
before E
came along.
He is a very close
second, though.

Grandma bought
this big bear
for him.
He really
had fun
on this day
big bear.

The mischievous
look on his face
is because he
heard a strange noise.
We were prepared
for our little man
who is not
easily entertained
or kept still
(unless Thomas the Tank
is on the television).

We brought a chicken but kept it hidden.
He couldn't figure it out...

finally insisted
on seeing it.
He is very smart...
but his Aunt Renae
was able to 
capture some 
great smiles
before we 
had to give 
it all up!

More Pics of E

This is my
most precious
She is my 
right now...
because she is
the newest
little one
in our family.

This is my
She is a 
great mommy.

This is my
He is Dave's brother.

He is notorious
for aggravating
his nieces and nephews.
We love his two
little ones
(and their mommy)
too much to 
pay him back!

I mean, really,
could you ever
this sweet face?

I think not!!!

It took
a while
for sleep 
to come.
When it did,
there was
sweet peace.

She is
eight days old
in these

Sweet, sweet
Your Aunt Renae
loves you
very much!!