Saturday, October 6, 2012

Darby's Senior Casuals

This is Darby whose
I posted several
weeks ago.
We went down
to the railroad.
Northeast Alabama
Railroad is
a great place
to get great
Of course,
it's easy when
you have such
a beautiful

Hope your Senior year 
is great!

Hollywood Studios and American Idol Experience

Alex wanted to go to
Disney World for her
Senior Trip.
 I was very excited when she asked me to go along with her.

 Our first day was spent in Hollywood Studios.
The first stop there was the
American Idol Experience.
It was very exciting
when Alex was chosen
for the preliminary show.
She sang "Love Story"
by Taylor Swift
for her 2nd audition.
They loved her!
It was such a great
She had to have
her hair and makeup
done, then vocal coaching.
The coach decided for
her to sing
"Love Song"(not sure who
sings this).
She chose Kris Allen
as her favorite Idol
(actually,, she chose
Phil Phillips but his
video wasn't ready yet).

She did  a great job
but so did the
other contestants.
It was down to the vote...
and she didn't win.
We really liked
the guy who won
this preliminary.
We found out he
comes every few
months to Disney
and auditions
each time.
He has really cute kids!

Last season on Idol,
Skylar (who went to
the top five and is
pictured below) came to
Disney and  won her
American Idol Experience.
She received a pass to go
directly in front of
the judges at the actual
American Idol.

Maybe next time,
Alex will make it
all the way, too!                  

Thanks, American
Idol Experience!